• The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying the Holidays

    The Holidays are Here! It’s that time of year! The holidays are upon us, and there’s a lot to do. Shopping, baking, hosting, gift wrapping, the list goes on and on. The time can absolutely fly by and at the end of the tinsel covered marathon, we breathe a sigh of relief. It’s only natural, the holidays come with a… Read More

    The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying the Holidays
  • Balancing Health and the Holidays

    Excuse the cliché, but the holiday season is magical. Everything smells sweet and there are constant festivities. Special occasions become the norm for the season and slowly, overindulgence begins to creep in. All of a sudden, the parties and social gatherings are tainted by the symptoms of too much of a good thing. If this has happened to you in… Read More

    Balancing Health and the Holidays
  • Gift Guide for Paleo Cooks

    I love to cook. There are definitely the days where I don’t want to, but the majority of the time, cooking is like a creative outlet. It’s nice to put forth that effort and end up with something with which you can be proud. However, cooking on a daily basis can be a different story. I’ve struggled with cooking clean… Read More

    Gift Guide for Paleo Cooks
  • Comfort For a Mother’s Anxious Heart

    People approach impending motherhood differently. Some exercise and eat a healthy diet. Some decorate a nursery. Others who are gifted craftswomen sew or create things for the lovely child they haven’t met yet. These are all natural and good things. While this isn’t my first child, I can’t imagine not doing some kind of preparation for this growing baby inside… Read More

    Comfort For a Mother’s Anxious Heart
  • DIY Lavender Linen Spray

    Little Luxuries Confession: I love (seemingly) little luxuries. An uninterrupted piece of chocolate, a walk in the crisp autumn weather, fresh flowers in the house; these things can feel like a wonderful gift. One of these things in my life is a lavender linen spray. I love spritzing it on pillows and blankets and breathing in that calming smell. It’s… Read More

    DIY Lavender Linen Spray