• Summer Veggie Pizza

    Pizza is a versatile statement food. It can be familiar comfort food, whose smells and appearance reminds you of a happy memory. It can be an adventurous gourmet experience; topped with arugula and prosciutto. Pizza can be enjoyed at any time of year and reflect any season. As summer is coming to a close, I’m desperate to savor as many… Read More

    Summer Veggie Pizza
  • 4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Know

    ***Disclaimer – I am a Christian. The opinions that I write on this website are written from a Christian worldview. I believe in a sovereign God and that I am saved by grace. I don’t write this to force my beliefs on anyone else, but rather to share my own perspective.  1. You don’t have to be perfect. If I asked… Read More

    4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Know
  • Berry Parfait

    There is often a stronger desire to consume something elegant, sweet and refreshing then there is time to fix it. In my perfect world I would have an eclair and a cup of tea every afternoon, while sitting in a garden, reading a book. Haha, it’s fun to think about, but my reality is more like chasing a toddler and… Read More

    Berry Parfait
  • 5 Tips to Be Passively Healthier

    The amount of things that we are supposed to do to have a perfectly healthy lifestyle is overwhelming. Mostly because it takes so much time. As a mom, I love the passive things I can do to enhance my day, and frankly, my alertness. I truly believe that the major results come from the small, but persistent endeavors. I have… Read More

    5 Tips to Be Passively Healthier
  • Natural Care for Baby’s Skin + EXCLUSIVE DIY

    A year ago, I had begun to hear about essential oils and their seemingly magical benefits. It took me a little while to learn about oils to the point where I felt comfortable enough to buy them and implement them into my family’s lifestyle. I’m so glad I did! My daughter has sensitive skin and has had red patches and dry… Read More

    Natural Care for Baby’s Skin + EXCLUSIVE DIY